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Planet-Q - The Greatest Family Forum! I am a moderator here. We have an interesting and lively group of people from many parts of the world! This site is just the right place to add your personal opinion in one of our many forums. Take a look! We have some fun games, too. Just click on "Games" at the bottom of the PQ main index page.

This site should prove to be an interesting journey into current trends, events and some of my own thoughts on the human condition. I'll try to include interesting links I find along the way, and a joke or two as well!

Take a look at my "Original Poetry" page.  I have decided starting a web site is the only way I will ever get "published"!  These poems are actually song lyrics,  but the sad fact is I can't read or write music! I just strum along with my guitar......


I'll make changes to this site on a regular basis, so you should check back often.

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Your comments about the progress of this page would be appreciated.